We all love free. Getting something for nothing. Not having to pay. Starting a business can be costly. Business cards, telephone lines, software, equipment, premises, etc. Keeping your costs down is a priority for any business.

The cost of a FREE web site

There are numerous free web site builders around. Apart from being free, there is very little benefit and there are serious flaws in the FREE web site:

  • FREE is never really FREE! If you want to do anything smart or upgrade for your website – you’ve got to pay extra
  • Often your website will have an advertisement for the free provider in the footer area, making you look cheap
  • If you need help and support, often this is lacking or you have to trawl through pages of help files, 20mins of Youtube video (after which you have been distracted for 2 hours by a piano playing cat, a wind surfing dog or an 80’s music video you’ve not seen for years), spend hours typing up your query via email or call a premium rate telephone number
  • If you ever wish to leave their service – you lose everything
  • Most free web site services limit your ability to increase your traffic using search engine methods – crucial if you are serious about your business
  • You’re more than likely going to still need some sort of photo editing or graphics software to get your logo designed and to re-size all of your images. Remember photos taken on most digital cameras will be the wrong size and resolution for optimal presentation.
  • Your web site will utilise an off-the-shelf design template so somewhere out there will be an almost identical web site design to yours
  • Often your web site will not be mobile compatible. In 2013 and onwards this is crucial for effective search engine work and promoting your business

FREE websites as part of a larger paid package

Sometimes its a free web site, free SEO, a free domain or hosting, etc. Lets get real. Its not free. Its covered by the whole cost you ultimately pay. Its just a marketing ploy to get you to think you are getting something for nothing. And at the end of the day, do you really value your business web site at zero?

At Bluefusion we don’t do free. Sorry, but we don’t. What we do is charge a fair rate (and in many case lower than our competitors) and only for the work completed or service used. Nothing more. We’re also not VAT registered so are 20% cheaper than many of our larger competitors. For a start-up business that 20% can be a considerable saving.

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