When designing a new web site, the design you chose is crucial to its success. It needs to complement your existing branding and marketing materials.

Your web site can be developed using an off-the-shelf design or we can custom design a site specifically for your needs.

Bespoke or template – which is best for your needs?

Often this is best answered by the combination of needs and budget. For clarity we are talking about WordPress themes and design in this instance, not the questionable quality £1.99 per month web site builders from providers such as 1&1 you may see on TV.

Using an off-the-shelf design is the lowest cost option. But does it offer the flexibility of a bespoke design?

Going back 12 months I would answer NO. Often you were stuck with in-flexible designs where you had to shoe-horn your logo and images in to someone else’s design.

Today many off-the-shelf designs (called themes) are very flexible. You can change just about every element: change the height and width of boxes, change the page width, change the number of page columns, change colours, logo size, logo position, photo sizes, change fonts, background colours, add video, etc.

Templates vary considerably from “I would use that if you paid me” to “WOW, thats an amazing design”. They also vary in cost from free to £100+.

If our client wishes to go down the off-the-shelf route then we always ensure we chose a very flexible, scalable and responsive (mobile compatible) design which will suit their needs the now and in the future.

Using a template also creates a much faster development time and your web site can be up and running much quicker and of course time is money.

Is there a down side to using a template?

Someone somewhere is probably using the same template as you. But with modern templates you can customise them so much that they they can look and feel considerably different but this is down to the skill of the site designer and their knowledge of the template and the platform it is installed on.

At the end of the day Bluefusion can create both custom/bespoke and template based web sites and we will always give honest advice on which we feel is better for your solution. Speak to us for a no obligation chat about your web site and start making the most of your web site.